How to Join


The only way to join a masonic lodge is to petition (or apply) for membership. Contrary to common belief, Freemasons are forbidden from asking men to join. Doing so would contradict our very nature of the fraternity. Men who wish to improve themselves actively seek self-improvement. Before submitting your petition, please note that each petition requires the signature of two Masons, preferably ones you know personally. If you do not personally know a mason, some of our members may be willing to sign if join us for dinner at 6:30 on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. Please bring a blank check when you visit to cover dues and a criminal background check. Click here to download a petition.


If the lodge votes to accept your petition. You will be contacted by a group of three men who will interview you, run a criminal background check and contact a list of references provided in the petition. They will submit a report to the lodge, which will then vote a second time to accept or decline you membership. If approved we will contact you to select a date for you to receive your first degree.